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Brianna Durham
National Federation of Professional Trainers

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer; Small Group Training Instructor


Too embarrassed to go to the gym?

You bought a gym membership thinking it was the motivation you needed to get your butt out the door, but now you’re regretting every minute you spent with that salesperson. Don’t let a little first-time fear ruin a beautiful relationship between you and your gym. Our 10 commandments will help you get over it.

By Fitz Admit it, you’re scared. You’re positive that the moment you open the gym door everyone will be gawking at you and snickering at your lack of exercise experience. Without a doubt, you’re bound to do something stupid.

You have a right to be nervous, even fearful but if you continue to feel this way your dream of that lean, sculpted person is going to remain a nighttime fantasy.

Before you let the opportunity slip away, you need to wake up and buck up. Although it feels as though all eyes in the gym are on you the second you walk through the door, they are not. And you know what? The eyes that actually do glance your way are more likely to be impressed than they are ridiculing. No matter what your age, size, or present fitness level, you should take pride in the fact that you are doing something genuinely good for your body.

To get the most out of your new club membership, follow our 10 exercise commandments:

  1. I will be impressed with everyone who walks through the front door of my health club. After all, they came here to improve themselves. I will understand that everyone is equally impressed with me.
  2. I will utilize the health club staff for a first day introduction to the gym. I will take notes as they explain how to use each machine.
  3. I will purchase three exercise outfits, which I feel comfortable in. That way, I will never feel self-conscious about whether or not I look good.
  4. I will understand that the other people in the gym are probably far too busy to look at me anyway.
  5. I will ask questions if I am not sure how to use a machine. The gym staff is there to make sure my workouts are safe and effective. They will be pleased to offer assistance.
  6. I will participate in a beginner’s aerobics or group fitness class. This course will allow me to try out the moves and get comfortable with them before I attempt a more advanced class.
  7. I will hire a personal trainer if I feel I need extra guidance.
  8. I will always remember that the health club is a place for individual improvement; it is not a place for competition. There are no trophies at the end of the workout, so I will not feel forced to keep up with anyone around me.
  9. I will stick with it. Everything I’ve done was once new to me, yet I have overcome many different challenges in my life. The more I come to the gym, the more at home I will feel.
  10. I will feel proud of my accomplishments, and congratulate myself after every workout! I will reward myself occasionally for all the hard work.