Commonly Asked Questions

Can I put my account on hold if I know I will be unable to come to the gym?

Yes, you may put your account on hold for any reason from as little as one month and up to six months. During this time we will not charge you your membership dues and as a result your key fob will be shut off until the specified date. To do this, please stop by the facility and speak to someone at the front desk.

How do I cancel my membership?

12 Month memberships may not be cancelled unless the member is moving 20 miles outside of Blaine, WA. The member must bring a certified piece of mail (ie a phone bill) with their name and new address on it to verify the move. Month to month memberships may be cancelled for any reason with at least 30 days notice from the next bill date.

Can I purchase an item at the front desk and charge it to my account?

If you are a member whose payment is set up as an EFT (electronic funds transfer) account, you may charge items to your account and be billed for them on your next billing date. If you are a member whose payment is set up as a statement account, you must have the funds to purchase the item that day.

Can I pay a few months in advance?

Yes, you may. Just ask the trainer at the front desk how to do this.

Can I add someone onto my account after it’s already open?

You are able to add an individual onto your account after it’s been opened as long as they meet our Couple or Family membership guidelines. See page 4 for more details. An additional $20+ tax is charged for each additional person added to the account until there are three people on the account. Any additional person added after three can be done so at no extra charge.

Do I get a discount if I pay for a year in full?

Absolutely! As a thank you for paying in full we off no initiation fee, 10% off the total price, 2 months added for free and one half hour training sessions plus a Blaine Everyday Fitness T shirt.

Single Membership 59+ ($35 x 12 = 420) – 48.00= $431.00
Couple Membership 79+($57 x 12 = 684) – 73.00= $687.00
Family Membership 99+($80 x 12 = 960) – 106.00= $953.00
*Current state sales tax must be added to each price listed

Do you offer tanning packages for non members since tanning is included for members?

Tanning Prices (staffed hours only)
Single Non Member Tan-$7.00
10 Non Member Tans- $40
20 Non Member Tans- $60
6 Month Unlimited -$80 (A key fob is available with this package)
1 Year Unlimited $139 (A key fob is available with this package)
*Current state sales tax must be added to each price listed

How’s the parking?

Parking is easy at the club. We have plenty of spaces directly in front of the club, and overflow spaces on both sides.

Do you have lockers and towel service?

We have number of free day use lockers but please bring your own lock. We discourage members from leaving their belongings overnight because we don’t want to run out of lockers for members when they are at the gym.

We also offer a complimentary towel service. You will see clean towels folded throughout the
gym and a designated hamper for dirty towels.

Do I have to have a card to check-in?

We will issue you a membership key fob that allows you to get into the club 24 hrs a day but if you forget your card simply stop by the front desk to let us know. Please swipe your key fob upon entering every time whether we are staffed or not.

How do I bring a guest?

Guests are always welcome at the club. If your guest lives in the club’s marketing area and qualifies for our trial membership we will be happy to extend the courtesy. All guest s must fill out proper forms before being allowed in the club so please make sure you and your guest stop by the front desk during staffed hours. If your guest is from out of Whatcom County we offer a 50% discount off of our daily drop-in fee ($7.50; $3.75 after the discount).

What happens if I lose something in the club?

If you lose something in the club, ask the front desk if the item has been turned in. We do keep a lost and found box in our back office and items are frequently turned in. Our members are extremely honest when they find items in the club so if it has been lost here, it is likely in the box.

Are your locker rooms co-ed?

You will see we have a set of lockers in the back of the gym with a private changing room off to the side. Please use this to change in as opposed to changing in front of the lockers.

Can I bring my kids to just hang out while I work out?

To insure the safety of everyone, children are not allowed in the facility unless they are members themselves. Children must be at least 14 years old to be a member and need to be accompanied by an adult member (18+) at all times. Children 16-17 may come in by themselves during staffed hours or with another adult member (18+) during non staffed hours.

E-mail: info@blaineeverydayfitness