Training Membership

  • 8 one on one Personal Training Sessions (30 min each)
  • Complete Fitness Evaluation
  • Nutrition Handouts and Information
  • Complete Weekly Meal Plan
  • 30 Days of Unlimited Membership
  • 30 Days of Unlimited Group Personal Training
  • Guaranteed Renewal Option
  • Unlimited Tanning
  • New Member Orientation
  • 24 Hour Access


Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer:

  • Program Design:
    When building a house, even if you have all the materials and builders needed, you will not get very far without a blueprint. At Blaine Everyday Fitness our trainers are architects building you a better body. Our trainers will design a customized program for you that will fit your goals, your body, and your lifestyle.


  • Increase Confidence in the Gym:
    If you are unsure of yourself in the gym environment, our trainers will help you become more comfortable and more confident. Many beginners feel intimidated by the equipment, the exercises, and by other gym members. Don’t let this stop you. Our trainers will help you overcome these discomforts and assist you in adjusting to the fitness environment.


  • Motivation:
    Our trainers can provide that “kick in the butt” you need to get back you back in shape. Depending on your needs, a personal trainer can meet you at the gym as often as every day, or as little as once a week to keep you on track. Our trainers will make sure you are pushing yourself and staying on track to reach your personal goals.


  • Accountability:
    Although some days you may be motivated and ready to get a great workout, there are other days when you have less dedication and may end up skipping. Days like these are why you set prescheduled appointments with our trainers. This gives you a greater chance of keeping your fitness commitment if you know someone is waiting for you at the gym.

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