Personal Training

What is the personal training program and who should take part?

Personal training, or working one-on-one with a certified trainer, is for anyone who struggles with any type of motivation when it comes to sticking with a fitness program. How it works is simple. Book a trainer and he or she will be waiting for you when you arrive. They will then take you through every step of the workout, providing guidance as you need it, as well as some motivation so you get the most out of the workout for that day. Working with a trainer provides you with the freedom to get a great workout without having to put much thought into it because they’ve already done the planning for you. All you have to worry about is working hard and getting sweaty.

Personal Training

  • $55 for a single hour session or 10 sessions for $350 including membership.
  • $30 for a single half hour session or 10 sessions for $250 including membership

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We run our small group classes on a four week basis. Flyers at the front desk outline the specifics of each four week session. Different rates apply to members and non members so check it out and see what will work best for you.